Field Trip: Brooklyn Crab

Brooklyn CrabThis weekend T and I trekked to Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook with a few friends and had the best time. We sat up on the roof and feasted on crab rolls, snow crabs, king crabs, and blue crab. Essentially, we recreated that scene in Forrest Gump where Bubba rattles off all the different preparations of shrimp — except with crab.

If you plan on heading over, here are a few tips I found helpful:
– Bring sunscreen and sunglasses; the view is fantastic, but it can get really bright on the water.
– Steamed crab is the way to go (as opposed to boiled) — it keeps the meat nice and plump!
– The king crab and crab rolls were our favourites.
– The restaurant is very family-friendly. There are lots of activities (mini-golf, beanbag tosses, coin rides) and a kid’s menu for pickier eaters (you may not need it though, because what kid doesn’t love beating crabs with mallets?).
– Our friends surprised us with the best key lime pie from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies, around the corner. I was licking the foil clean :)

I’d highly recommend Brooklyn Crab for a fun outing. We can’t wait to go back!