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Slowly, steadily, we’re settling into our new home. Oh, who am I kidding? We have two-day bursts of hyper-productivity followed by week-long stretches of sheer and blissful neglect. Isn’t that how it always goes?

Last week we finally got around to hanging some shelves in the entryway. We were in desperate need of a catch-all spot; one more rain-soaked jacket flung onto the couch and I was going to freak out! I was originally planning on putting up a narrow ledge and some pegs, like this, but then I found these awesome shelves at West Elm. Bent wood and S hooks? Yes, please.

A few questions I found helpful when tackling the entryway (and any design decision, really):

– What do you need? For us, the priority was a place to toss our keys, coins, and coats. This helped us narrow our options. For instance, a storage bench was out.

– Along a similar vein: what are your constraints? Our front door abuts a wall, which means only shallow shelves will fit. Deep drawers or a console would have kept the door from swinging all the way open!

– What would be a little unexpected? Personally, I am drawn to functional pieces that have a bit of an edge, something surprising. These shelves fit the bill. I love the contrast of the blonde wood against white walls, the unusual U shape of the ledge, and the mix of materials and textures.

– What would make you happy? The most critical factor! Each of the little knick knacks on the shelves has a story, and each of those stories puts a smile on my face every time I reach for my keys. Isn’t that how a home should always make you feel?

There’s so much work left to be done, but we’re getting there! It’s hard to remember, sometimes, that you’re making progress. I think we’ll take on the kitchen next. All of our cooking utensils are rattling around in a market tote in the living room (!) and it’d be nice to finally have a place to put them.


A familiar perspective

OgilvyViewNYC Tomorrow marks my last day at my first job out of college. I snapped this photo a few weeks ago from the 9th floor of our office. This view is one of the things I’ll miss most about the joint. Morning, noon, and night, the scene is quintessential New York to me: brownstones, skyscrapers, hotels, little boxes, little people, all squished together. In the summers it reminds me of this photo by Jamie Beck. In the winters chimneys puff white smoke into the air and it feels so cold, so bleak. On the other side of the building you look out onto the Hudson and the Intrepid and the Penthouse billboards, and when the weather warms, you hear the loud horns from the Disney cruise ships beckoning the mini-mice back onboard. And by god the sunsets. And the gloamings. And that dusty rose light that gleams off the brick buildings to the north. It makes me love New York. It makes me want to go home. It’s the view from the 9th floor of the office — and one of the things I’ll miss most about the joint.

T, the Pilot

This weekend we celebrated T’s birthday with a flight lesson! I had to let him in on his present earlier in the week so he could read up beforehand, and this Saturday evening I rode along as he flew around the city.

It was thrilling to watch T maneuver the plane up and down the length of Manhattan; he was such a natural and I was beaming the entire time :)

We took off at around 8pm and were treated to a beautiful sunset. It was the perfect weather for flying.

The view from the passenger window was pretty spectacular. We were so close to all the skyscrapers; it felt like I could reach out and touch them! Also, one of the best parts was listening to the flight communications: “Hudson Traffic: this is Cessna 172 Skyhawk at 1,200 feet. Passing the Intrepid. Northbound.” It was just like the movies :)

Happy birthday, T! I adore being your co-pilot.

Brunch with YTKK

Brunch was especially wonderful today, as I got to share it with these gorgeous folks.

Tomomi and her husband, Yoshi.

Their kids, Kai, resident entomologist, and Kako, twirling extraordinaire.

When I asked if Kako took a dance class, Yoshi nodded and responded, “Yes, but she doesn’t follow along; she likes to make up her own moves.” Ah, a girl after my own heart.