Glass photographic plates

Glass Photographic Plate New YorkGlass Photographic Plate SchoonerWhen I was in London a few years back, I came across a man selling glass photographic plates at a flea market. He had crates full of them. Knowing I was seconds away from a hedonistic binge, I warned myself, “You’re only allowed to buy two, Steph.” I’m still impressed I stuck to that command.

PS: For those who want to examine every detail of that old New York map (like me!), the full size image is available if you click through. bodybuilding natural

Ann Hamilton’s ‘The event of a thread’

Much has been written about Ann Hamilton’s evocative art installation, ‘The Event of a Thread’, but I wanted to add my little voice to the choir.

First off, if you ever get a chance to head over the the Park Avenue Armory, please do. It’s a wondrous space and they host many interesting events throughout the year, a list of which can be found¬†here. When T and I went, we found many kids and their families just hanging out and playing chess in the eerily appointed reception halls. Doesn’t it feel straight out of Harry Potter?

Armory Reception Room

Secondly, I just loved listening to the flowing fabric. T and I laid down underneath the curtains and it felt so soothing to hear the heavy silk whipping around. It reminded me to do that more often: lay and listen.

Ann Hamilton 1

Ann Hamilton 2

Paul Octavious

is awesome.

I first discovered Octavious via 20×200. He has a gift for photographing familiar things and places (books, hills, records) in a way that’s unexpected. It makes his work arresting but still accessible. Check out his full portfolio here.

His latest series, Lean With It, captures oddly angled trees paired with people bending parallel to them. Familiar, yet unexpected, right?

The other thing I dig about Octavious is that he picked up his first camera in 2006, at the age of 22. You often hear about photographers who held their grandfather’s camera as a pre-teen and knew *instantly* that this was their destiny. Not every story is so convenient and I love how Octavious stands as a good reminder to be open to new passions…and to lean into them when they appear.

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Today, I am…

I returned to a mild and sunny city this morning, after spending a leisurely long weekend with family and friends up north. The skies were clear on our descent, as were the roads into Manhattan, and my world felt calm and steady for the first time in weeks.

To fete this small act of grace, I treated myself to an apple butter bombolone from Sullivan Street Bakery, slung my headphones over my ears and played the best Sade cover, ever, and finally purchased the gorgeous Lizzy Stewart illustration that I’ve been eyeing for ages.

Here’s to more Tuesdays like this. xo