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Ann Hamilton’s ‘The event of a thread’

Much has been written about Ann Hamilton’s evocative art installation, ‘The Event of a Thread’, but I wanted to add my little voice to the choir.

First off, if you ever get a chance to head over the the Park Avenue Armory, please do. It’s a wondrous space and they host many interesting events throughout the year, a list of which can be foundĀ here. When T and I went, we found many kids and their families just hanging out and playing chess in the eerily appointed reception halls. Doesn’t it feel straight out of Harry Potter?

Armory Reception Room

Secondly, I just loved listening to the flowing fabric. T and I laid down underneath the curtains and it felt so soothing to hear the heavy silk whipping around. It reminded me to do that more often: lay and listen.

Ann Hamilton 1

Ann Hamilton 2

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