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T, the Pilot

This weekend we celebrated T’s birthday with a flight lesson! I had to let him in on his present earlier in the week so he could read up beforehand, and this Saturday evening I rode along as he flew around the city.

It was thrilling to watch T maneuver the plane up and down the length of Manhattan; he was such a natural and I was beaming the entire time :)

We took off at around 8pm and were treated to a beautiful sunset. It was the perfect weather for flying.

The view from the passenger window was pretty spectacular. We were so close to all the skyscrapers; it felt like I could reach out and touch them!¬†Also, one of the best parts was listening to the flight communications: “Hudson Traffic: this is¬†Cessna 172 Skyhawk at 1,200 feet. Passing the Intrepid. Northbound.” It was just like the movies :)

Happy birthday, T! I adore being your co-pilot.

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