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Northern Catskills

This past weekend T and I headed upstate, where we rented a charming little cabin in the Northern Catskills. Have you ever been that way? It was so lovely; I can’t recommend visiting enough. Here are a few memories we made along the way.

On the drive up, we stopped in the town of Saugerties and shared a delicious shortcake overflowing with ripe strawberries at Miss Lucy’s Kitchen.

Okay okay. I didn’t really share :)

We made a few friends with manes…

…and maybe a few enemies with udders.

Speaking of animals, can you spot the black bear?

The Catskills and Hudson Valley are dotted with darling little towns that we loved ambling around in. We couldn’t make it to all of them, but a couple standouts were Tannersville (it’s got a cool hippie vibe and sits on the edge of Rip Van Winkle Lake, which is so fun to say!), and Hudson (it’s right on the river and seems to have six antiques shops on every block).

Tannersville’s Last Chance is a tavern, antiques store, cheese shop, and restaurant, all-in-one. They have a fantastic selection of beers and make some of the best pulled pork around.

I loved the little whales on Hudson’s street signs.

On Sunday, we went canoeing on North-South Lake.

During our walk to the boat launch, a couple of kids introduced us to a dinosaur :)

Perhaps my favourite part of the whole trip though, was admiring Haines Falls.

Do you have a favourite getaway memory? I’d love to hear!

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